YAY to a new blog look.

Hello Ladies,

I wanted to get some1 to redo my blog, checked the price around the market and it cost like 3xx and above. I know thats the pricing for freelancer but Im just not willing to pay such amt for this page and fact is I know how to do up mypage myself, just due to laziness + Im really busy with appts, upcoming exam & my son.

But I hope you like my new Blog header & background. am still working on my watermark. Still considering if I shd do it. Shall see how things goes. hehe^^

By the way, I have quite a few new designs I did for the past 2 weeks, will upload it after Christmas! But if you wanna have a peek at what I have done. Follow me on Instagram!! I upload it almost immediately upon completion of appt (:

I hope thou due to the lack of updates now you ladies would still support me throughout my nail journey.


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