Pink Floral

This design has never been out of style, I rmb doing it almost every week.
Guess this is 1 of the top design in my place.

Black x Gold

This reminds me of CNY, but this client liked gold soo much she decided to have this set done. Wanted to do florals but she didnt like it, thus we changed it to 1 rose on alt fingers.

Christmas with Ted

Melissa came to me wanting a christmas set done early dec and cos she was soooo in love with Ted, she threw me a challenge. Which is to do a 3d ted on her nails. ok. I know Ted isnt suppose to be in this colour but I couldnt find a light brown thus made do with this. So lets call him Suntanned Ted. LOL
Anyway, this set really brings in the christmas mood. And I felt that I really like this alot.

Black Floral

Hi Ladies, Sooooo sorry for the hiatus, been really busy with appts for the whole dec. Thankyou very much for appreciating my skills and coming to me for this mth. Had a full slot appts for few weeks and Im thankful for that.
Now that Im done with the busy period I shall post pics of the nails I did for Christmas (: Sooo happy to see the set I did this year (:
Did this set of black floral with studs. love the colour combi..

YAY to a new blog look.

Hello Ladies,

I wanted to get some1 to redo my blog, checked the price around the market and it cost like 3xx and above. I know thats the pricing for freelancer but Im just not willing to pay such amt for this page and fact is I know how to do up mypage myself, just due to laziness + Im really busy with appts, upcoming exam & my son.

But I hope you like my new Blog header & background. am still working on my watermark. Still considering if I shd do it. Shall see how things goes. hehe^^

By the way, I have quite a few new designs I did for the past 2 weeks, will upload it after Christmas! But if you wanna have a peek at what I have done. Follow me on Instagram!! I upload it almost immediately upon completion of appt (:

I hope thou due to the lack of updates now you ladies would still support me throughout my nail journey.



Hey Babes,

Im sorry for the lack of updates but I have been rather busy with appts and I realise my pictures disappear. I really dunno what is happening and am trying to get help with this blog. In terms of html and all Im pretty much of a noob. So Im trying my best to get this fix ASAP! I wont be blogging till end of this mth as I would be pretty much be busy with my appts. You can follow me on my instagram : Simplicitynails for 1st hand updates (:

By the way, If you do want to see my past designs you can always hop to my Fb page. Photos are still there. (: SimplicityNails

I would hope you ladies would give me sometime to fix the page. ThankYou.

CNY slot is up. can text or whatapp me for slots already. (: 81185274



This customer is a fan of pandas and started sending me pictures of these lil cute creatures and asked if Im able to draw in on her nails. I was confident and replied yes almost immediately only to realise how hard it is to actually draw it out :/ But the outcome was to what we expected except for some grumpy lil pandas. LOL

Aztec Design

I doubt I will need to introduce this set of nailart. It has been a trend for quite sometime back and it has been on my blog before. But this time, I really like this colour combi, instead of the usual sweet and pretty lookin aztec design, this set has loud and bright colours which brings in the WOW factor.

Coloured french

Got this design from CynfulNails, changed a few colours and tada. This is what I did (:

Purple Flower

The customer sent me a photo of this firework like flower and wanted it on her nails. We changed the base colour and the photo she sent was in white but we changed it to black, cos black and purple goes well together.

White x Gold

This set reminds me of the gracian princess. As this customer was wearing a white dress she decided to have white nails for her prom (: Got this set from 1 of my nail magazine.