My humble nest


Im really sorry for not updating and yet theres still that many views I get a day. As most of you would know but to those that dont, I would be getting my keys to my new place next week. And I have already started on designing my own place and purchasing furnitures.

I would be posting pictures along the way (Nail pics can be viewed on Instagram) as Im pretty excited for the whole outcome. Im pretty excited with what I have gotten and what I've designed myself (didnt get any id because I felt ripped off after approaching some).

So, please bear with me for the next couple of months as I start getting busy on my CNY appointments and doing my renovation along the way. Praying hard that I would be able to move in by end March. I would share on the deals I have gotten and products that I have gotten so stay tuned for that (esp for those that are getting their house keys soon, cos I managed to find pretty great deals for my flat within a very tight budget.).

And to most west siders delight, my new place is located 5 mins away from Clementi MRT, walkable distance.