SimplicityNails started its business in April 2012. It is a home based salon situated in Clementi, done up by me with encouragements from my surroundings.

I came a long way before deciding to realise my dream. I've decided to venture into this business because I love nails and being in this line keeps me happy and worryfree. And I was a manicurist working in shops beforehand.

Nails have always been my PASSION since I was a little girl, I get fascinated when I see long nails with designs on, especially 3d art and anything sweet or adorable.

I strive to bring quality instead of quantity to you ladies and that you will enjoy yourselves while you are at my cosy workplace.

Do note that I would take a deposit of $20 for all my appointments and deposit will not be refunded. Any changes are to be made 48hrs beforehand else deposit will be forfeited I do hope that everyone will understand why I need to create a deposit system. (:

Update: Have already shifted to Clementi as of March. All appointments would be done at Clementi. Do note that I have no longer take in appointments for normal colours(opi,china glaze)

*Some pictures of my place & the gel polishes I have.

Last updated on 31.03.2015


  1. Hi, wanna know how much will it be if I want to do manicure with nail designs? Are they considered classic or gelish? Thanks.

    1. Classic manicure means I would remove the cuticles from the nail. Gelish means I would be using gel polish for your nails instead of the usual polishes that is air dried.