Goodbye 2013

I haven been blogging or talking much about my life and Im sorry to those that are here for nail pictures. I thought I saved a post to look back on my life for this year.
2013 started pretty awesome, my business got better as time goes by (maybe not very good but at least Im glad people heard of me somehow somewhat.) Managed to get a few vacations out of Singapore which I am thankful for.
I have neglected my friends since I was married but yet they still squeeze time out to have lunch or dinner to fit into my schedule just to catch up which I am really very touched about. Yes, I might not say it in words but your actions have proven that no matter what happened you girls & guys are there for me (you know who you are.)
Found out how much the hubby is willing to do just so to make me feel secured and not be sensitive over issues that easily. I am learning how to trust him( not like he did sth wrong but its prob my family background that made me not trust him. )
Learned how to be stronger in terms on physically and mentally. Having people to pull me down from where I am but yet staying happy and ignoring the comments that were heard. Had quite a bit of experience with a few well known brands doing events. Went for my school competition despite me not having much faith in myself, but at least I managed to push myself and got a pretty good result (:
It has pretty much been a fruitful year and with more ups than down, but sad to say when life is good something bad will come along. Losing something really dear to me made a big impact in my life but I am not gonna use this as an excuse to give up on life. I am prepared for far worst cases but this is 1 of the few that would be remembered for as long as Im alive.
I made a few resolution for 2013 and now its time for me to review if i have succeeded in fulfilling them.
1. to save xxxxx for my future nest.(manage to do half of what I wanted)
2. bringing in more nail products for customers to choose.(yes, i upgraded quite a few of my items)
3. able to handle my business and not neglecting my family.(I guess time management was pretty well done)
4. to improve in my nail arts and offer wider range of services.(I guess it did got better after alot of practices.)
5. to be known by more ppl. (yup, im glad quite a few people heard of me when I mentioned simplicitynails to them)
Im glad i managed to fulfill quite a no. of my resolutions for 2013 and to plan a few resolutions for the year ahead:
1. to save up enough money for my coming flat.
2. plan a holiday with the friends
3. go to places that I havent been to before.
4. spend more time with the husband & son
5. start trusting people.
6. to bring my business to another level.
This said, I hope everyone enjoyed their 2013 and hope that 2014 would be a better year for all of us! Wishing everyone a Happy new year and enjoy your new year with your loved ones.

Christmas Part 1

Hello ladies, I hope you enjoyed your christmas break. Finally, I found time to load pictures! Soo sorry for the hiatus, will load as many pictures as I can in the coming posts so as to be able to post more after CNY! Have been rather busy for this christmas, because last year I told my clients that I wouldnt draw snowflakes and if they want I would only stick stickers on their nails but I decided to overcome it and draw it for them this year and im glad all of them are very happy wth the outcome. Im trying to overcome what I dont usually do and do it for you ladies. I have started doing some samples for chinese new year but am still welcoming designs that you ladies would like to have on your nails (:

J7 Image (Sponsored): Second Scalp Treatment and Nano mist treatment

Hello, its my third trip down to J7image and instead of touching up my roots and add colour I decided that my hair needed some pampering with the scalp treatment and moisture my dry ends with a treatment. We started off with a scalp treatment (bare with my ugly roots for the following pics), imma head back next mth to get it touch up and prepare to have pretty hair for cny!
Today, Cheryl did my hair and boy was I excited about it, the last scalp treatment ended me with super clean scalp but after awhile I realised my scalp/hair turned flaky and I was sooo worried about what was happening, told James and he mention that I was using a wrong shampoo. Despite changing soo many shampoo none of it worked on me thus I decided to get a new shampoo from them as James recommend me using a shampoo with mild chemicals as my scalp is pretty sensitive and when its clean it turned super sensitive -.-
Due to my long hours of work & taking care of the lil boy I tend to neglect my sleep and when Cheryl did a head massage for me I swear my eyes were closing! Sooo relaxing for the head and my brain kindda shut down that I forgot to take more picture. (Cheryl, if you are seeing this, I really loved the massage, please give me more next time. :p)
Applying the scrub unto the head.
These are the scrub bits with the dead cells that fell out from my head, I was grossed out as this time round there were more dead cells than de previous time cause of me using the wrong shampoo ):
I forgot to take a pic of their new machine which has warm mist coming out to open the pores of your head and hair just so all the nutrients and moisture will be locked into your hair and head. Say hello to healthier and pretty hair for the festive season. This is a pic of how clean my scalp was. I forgot to take a picture of the before, it was covered with flaky dandruffs that I was soo embarress to allow the stylist to touch my head. Thankyou Cheryl for the help (: 
Im having shinier and healthy hair thanks to the stylist at J7Image. Its the festive season and I believe most of us would want nice tresses but do remember that colouring or having chemical on your hair would damage them so please protect them by giving them treatment every now and then.
Of cos not only do J7Image takes care of my tresses I would need to be hardworking and apply products and takes care of them so that I can maximise the treatment that was done to my head. The products were not sponsored so I purchased it hoping to make a difference in my hair and I got to say the products worth every cents I paid. I just got the Green Tea shampoo which has this minty feeling and washing the hair makes my head feel refreshing and clean and I also got this yoghurt mask which smells soooo good and helped in taming my frizzy hair. I would start digging out photos of the past me and show how different my hair had been. To those that are interested in knowing the price for the scalp treatment it cost $97 while the nano mist treatment would cost $157.
J7Image started having members discount where you purchase this card for $27 and get 15% off from monday-thursday and 10% off from friday-sunday and public holiday. There's an extra 20% on your birthday month which means you get 30-35% off which is alot if you do colouring + treatment . there's also a 10%off on products that are selling at their salon, I totally recommend the yoghurt mask which smells soo good and tame my super frizzy hair well.
But like any other salon the membership discount would temporary stop but they are having an instant lucky dip for their customers where you could win something on the spot, be it a gift or a discount.
J7Image pride themselves in giving the best to their customers and theres 2 things that makes me love their salon are their salon 1. Their floor are always clean from hair 2. The salon doesnt have the chemical smell despite the person beside you colouring/perming their head. Not to mention they can talk to me about anything and everything. Im really thankful for having such a good salon that is doing this for me, its like a dream come true.

And because they are soo nice, they gave me a $17off discount voucher which could be used for the festive season until march and a $50off discount voucher which could be used for treatments or any chemical service after Chinese New Year. Do email me at stating which voucher you would like to receive and I would be mailing it out.

Review: I am Cafe Singapore

Saw a few followers going to this cafe and I told the hubby that I would love to give it a try, got the buddies along to head to the cafe today. Was pretty disappointed with the service and dessert as they look really good, read on to find out why.
OOTD & my selfie. LOL

The cafe's menu
My lil cheeky boy came along too.
The buddies that agreed immediately when I asked them along.(:
Wanted to take a family shot but the lil one decided to not be in the pic.
Left: Berry Good Bro Right: Shirley Temple
I loved the Berry drink! Its rathe refreshing and doesnt taste too sweet which is of my liking.
 The platter we ordered to share as we were quite hungry.
 Bought their chef recommendation for fish and chips and despite not being a fan of fish I love it the moment I took a bite into it. The fish is super fresh!
 We got 3 dessert to share. Got the Red Velvet cake which tasted rather good as Im not a fan of too cheesy cream. So if you do go, please try the this!
 And I saw this crepe and told my friends and hubby that I MUST HAVE THIS but its rather disappointing, the taste is rather nothing? just like chocolate syrup with flour?
 And the bestie ordered a rainbow cake which none of us liked. It wasnt moist like the red velvet cake, and it doesnt taste good at all! Totally recommend The Coffee Daily for rainbow cake.
 Bestie reached earlier as we couldnt find a parking lot so she went to look for space as its a saturday it was rather crowded. We waited a good 30 mins for space of 5. Got down to getting what we would like to eat and as we were all rather hungry, me and the hubby decided to get a main course each. The server told me that she will get back to me on if they do still serve pizza and yet she didnt. So, I waited for like 45mins and asked if my pizza is coming that was when she told me there isnt pizza available for today.

I was rather unhappy about it as I was VERY HUNGRY and the food waiting time was soo loong! I guess I wouldnt head back to this cafe again, even the hubby who has a good temper mentioned how bad their service were. Not to mention I asked for chili sauce from 2 servers(which I went to get myself in the end) came only 20mins later.

Didnt really enjoyed my experience today so I guess I will continue to source for more cafe around Singapore. Would be rather busy in the coming month but would still try to find time to look around.
674 North Bridge Road #01-01, off Haji Lane
Singapore, Singapore 188804
6295 5509

Pink Room Cup 2013

Im finally down into blogging about what happened on this day. All I can say is it wasnt an easy journey. I have been putting alot of effort in this competition not for the on floor competition (Gel mani & Acrylic ext) but for the mixed media team work.

3 weeks before the competition I went all the way down to toa payoh everyday just so we could complete our "project". We decided on an ocean theme and started looking for ideas online/magazines, my dear partner which is sooo good with getting things from China she went on to source for the clothes and props! We spent a total of $700SGD just for this and didnt regret as I really like the whole outcome and the whole set!

My lovely partner which gave me soo much tips on how I should handle my acrylic application which helped me alot in the competition! 
My model which has been my model since I started out as a student, a big thankyou Annabel and Apple which is Jy's extension model for the day.
You will be seeing me smiling through out cause I wasnt abit tense up, I already wanted to give up on the competition the day before as I did not once practice on my model and neither did I try to practice, every idea including the nailart came on the night before the competition day.
I can only conclude that by not being stress you can do things better and I was having fun throughout cos my model was joking throughout the competition and making the atmosphere not so tense.
The process wasnt easy for my model she had to bear with the pain as I try to get the 180 degree c curve and the temperature was pretty cold and it took longer than usual for the acrylic to harden so there were a few times whereby I waited a little too long which was a painful experience for Annabel. Thank you for being patient with me and dealing with the pain throughout.
Us concentrating on what we are doing
And the outcome for my acrylic extension (forgot about my white gel thus the strawberries has no seeds LOL.)
Next segment was Gel Mani, I managed to find a model only few days before the competition as the model I had beforehand had their nails either trim very short or that their side wall was already cut off, I wasnt even bothered about getting a model until the last min, Thank you Faith for being a sport and helping me with this. And beside her is JY's model for gel mani.
And us!
After finishing the gel I ran off thus theres no pic of the gel mani I did and my cust gave me a rather blur pic so I wont post it up.Went to find the hairstylist and our model and started preping her nails for the event. I got to say J7Image is really very nice for sponsoring my model and my competition and went through soo much trouble just so to make me realise my dream hairstyle.
The outcome of the look! I really love the hairstyle but I doubt I ever get the chance to try. 
The awesome wings which Jy got for this competition. She just wanted us to have a mini VS show.
We were given 45 mins to fix everything that we have prepared unto the nails and I got to say what an experience it was. The other team had 3 participants but for us we had 2 and we were shivering as we were afraid we could not finish the nails on time or that the fake tip will drop off half way through. Im pretty sure I panick soo much on stage.
I have stage fright thus I left all the talking to JY. LOL
The outcome of the whole mixed media event.
A picture of us with Eexuan.
My boy and hus wanted to be in the pic too.
Tada! Our hard work for 3 weeks.

I would say this competition brought me alot of different experience and fact is I wasnt even a bit nervous till the last competition but it was a regretful event as I had lost my 2nd child in the process. Ive already knew that I was pregnant but still wanted to go through the competition and was rather stress on how and what I should do beforehand, and not to mention a week before my competition my son and hus was down with hfmd and I was rather worried that my hus couldnt cope with my son as I went on to complete the project.

The reason why I blamed myself is cos throughout the process I wasnt bothered about my health and actually just kept thinking only about this and felt that if I had taken more care of my health I might not lose my 2nd child. But of cos, im thankful I lost it at 2mths old instead of losing at a much later stage but this is 1 regret that I will hold deeply within me.

I guess this will prob be my last competition until I can finally let go and not blame myself anymore. I know that things are pretty fated but I honestly believe that all mothers that have lost their child before will understand the pain that Im going through.

Despite all this, Im still very happy that I went through the whole process at least once. Thankyou to those that had supported me. Im truely thankful.
For this competition I managed to bag home a 2nd place for Acrylic Extension, 3rd for Gel mani and 2nd for Mixed Media Themework.