Mother's Day Promotion

My way to thank all mothers in the world (: Thankyou for bringing us up into who we are. And to share the joy, Im giving free Gel manicures for all of our mummies. So, when booking for your monthly nail fix, how about asking your mum along too?
* do remember to state that she is coming along so that I will arrange enough time for her too (:

Bangkok 2014

My love for travelling seem to be growing. I am often looking at air tickets to get outta Singapore. My 1st trip for this year is to Bangkok. (Im not a fan of taking good airlines because Im usually asleep the moment I board the plane, so whenever I go asia country I would book a budget airline and Im in loved with Scoot because of the wide leg room space as compared to the other airlines)
Accompanied the husband to get his work clothes done. To those that are heading to bkk, you can consider getting your working attire done there, its much cheaper as compared to getting it done in Singapore. You get to choose the quality of cloth too. The husband chose the mid range cloth and I personally like the material alot (Save alot of time from ironing his clothes) Im not very sure which shop we went but I believe its the 1 at Amara Watergate, think if you google around you can find that theres a shop that quite a few singaporeans would frequent.
Took some selfies before I took a nap. (I love my purple/blue hair that J7Image gave me for my trip)
Arrived at the hotel(The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam) only at 8pm and I was really amazed with the room size, its huge and cos its a new hotel everything was pretty new and clean. *By the way, if you are interested in staying this hotel do book the main tower and not the north tower, as I heard reviews that the north tower is really far from the main tower.
After unpacking our luggages, we left for dinner. Streetfood was 1 of our choices, because the food there just taste damn awesome.
I regretted ordering the tomyam without chili. I didnt want them to add chili padi but didnt expect them to not add any spiciness to the soup so this soup was pretty salty and sour. LOL
Walked around the area trying to find a shop near baiyoke sky but we got lost and went to the railway tracks and found a whole lot of fighting cocks. I was pretty tempted to watch a show but decided it was pretty cruel to see them fighting among themselves. (Since theres no show to watch, I shall just take a picture.)
My aim for this trip was to find this ice cream mochi which I have eaten for 4 yrs already! Found it at Siam paragon and could resist and bought 20 of it back to Singapore. Look at how pretty the colours are. It tasted as good as it looked and cost only 75cents SGD/ mochi.
On Saturday, we decided to head to Chatuchak Market to indulge in the food and was hoping to find good buys but we only bought food and left half way because I was having a very bad cramp. No pictures of me or the food as I was pretty grumpy through out. :x
Head to Siam paragon for dinner because the food place was really awesome. Soo much food to choose from, prices are a tad more than the usual but its about the cafe prices in Singapore. But food is definitely better.
Me beef noodle was soo good that I kindda miss it already!
Thats probably the only few pictures I took for this trip, I dont usually take out my camera so I often forget about taking pictures. (besides, Im not really good at taking pretty pictures :x) But just wanna keep a memory here and there. (:

Cafe Hopping: Chye Seng Huat

Throwback to December, The husband brought me to this Chye Seng Huat for lunch. We were not very hungry thus we ordered only a set to share. There isnt much to comment as I personally felt the menu were very little. I didnt know what to order which is why I ended up ordering sausages which taste so-so. The husband commented that only the coffee was good. So I guess coffee lovers could head there for coffee. But I doubt I would head there again as the food were not of to my liking and its pretty hard to find parking.
Ane because it was during the Christmas season, we brought the kiddo to orchard road to see the christmas lighting! So lotsa pictures of my lil family.

CNY 2014

Im sorry for the delayed post but I realised I didnt really take much photos on my camera and mostly its taken on my phone which would be sent to my Instagram account. So, do hop over to my Instagram for more pictures and faster update. (: