Secret Florals

Did this set yet again. I really cant stop doing floral set ehh. And honestly speaking, floral looks good on every single lady! Can get sick of doing florals cos its just soo dainty.

Perfect Combi.

What could be more perfect than having lace & florals done together?! Girls will never say no to floral or lace or anything pretty & sweet! This is just us being girls (:

Stitch & Scrump

Was given the challenge to do this set taken from CynfulNails, Am really in love with the stitch! It looks soooo adorable that I really wish to have it on my nails too! But I cant draw that well on my own nails T.T So, I guess ladies that like stitch can get this done (:

Scallop trims with Ribbon & Heart

Another bridal set for the mth. Customer wanted hearts and ribbon thus I did this (:

Va va voom

Angel came to me for her bridal set, I was pretty excited for her and have already thought of doing the handfolded ribbon for her! added colourful balls at the side of the ribbon to give it an extra sweet feel. She is a fan of crystals and anything bling! So, I added blings on her other fingers and added the Jelly hearts on her thumbs (1 of the latest trend).

AngelPro Ambassador

Hello ladies!

If you have notice, I have already been accepted as AngelPro Ambassador and I have been using their gelly system ever since I started up this business. Let me explain why I love this brand!

1. Angel Pro Gelly Polish is 100% Gel; unlike all gelish polish which is commonly a hybrid mixture of gel & traditional nail polishes.
2. No foul smell from toxic chemicals commonly found in traditional nail polishes.
3. Angel Pro Gelly Base does not require primer & other harmful bonding chemicals.
4. Angel Pro Gelly Polish last a minimum of three weeks & more on your nails.
5. Angel Pro Gelly Polish does not contain harming chemicals found in traditional Nail polishes like Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP.
6. Angel Pro is probably the only brand with a full range of rich milky pastel colors with no color change, no shrinkage & no crimple effects after curing under the UV/LED lamp.
7. Fast removal as the Angel Pro Gelly Shine does not require filling before soak off.
8. Smooth texture that ensures a smooth shiny finish.
9. Consistency of Angel Pro Gelly Polish can be used for detailed Gelly-art.
10. No curing/hardening of gel in the bottles.
11. Use an Angel Pro Cloud Buffer 180/280 to buff the surface of the nail instead of using a file which is too harsh for the nail.
12. Angel Pro Gelly Polish cures under both the UV & LED lamp. The gel cures best under a UV lamp (36 watt).

Theres only pros for using angelprogelly and Im simply a fan of it. If you do notice my nailarts are usually done with angelprogelly. (I do tag the "angelprogelly") And its sooo thick drawing with gel can make the art last sooo much longer and its proven fact that  the nails can last up to 5 weeks or even more!

I have a total of 35 bottles of Angelprogelly till date and I would expand the collection in time to come, so, request to get your nails done in Angelprogelly TODAY!

Discoball inlays

Most of my customers doesnt really like doing stickers or inlay or 3d. So, I was really happy when YingJie chose this set. She wanted colourful inlays but as de colours didnt really show out I added heart shaped inlays too. So, it looked pretty clean and neat. (: She is a fan of 3d too thus I added 3d ribbons on her alt fingers.

Colourful Floral

Alyssa went to japan and got some nail stickers back to sg just cos she thought it looked pretty. So, she came to me with the stickers and ask me to do a set with the stickers she had. I chose the floral stickers cos I really like the colourful combi. We actually mixed 2 different sticker for this set. Im a girl that looooves anything pretty & sweet.

Play Nails

Cant help it but when I see the heart tips with eyes it just reminds me of  the brand "Play" and I do feel it looks kindda scary cos suddenly your nails have "eyes" hahaahha! but I think its pretty cute to have it in a heart tip.Only wished I could add a mouth to not make it look that scary.

Everything a girl can ask for

A bride always wants an almost perfect wedding, thus when it comes to nails most of them couldnt decide on what they want/need. And so, I did this set with ribbons, hearts & crystals. Everything a girl can ask for and in the perfect colour tone of pink which goes well with anything.

Bold Colours

Have been doing lotsa pastel colours for the past few mths and finally Cecilia came to me and asked me for sth very daring. Silver with Blue halfmoon. Am really amazed by the colour combi as I would have never thought of such colour combi. I would usually go for sth more "safe" pink, baby blue, purple or red. Yes, pretty boring thus I do really like this combi which makes me want to do a set in red & silver! Mayb I shd get it done when IronMan 2 comes out. hehe

Bridal Set

March is a good mth to get married I believe? There were quite a few brides that came to me for that mth. Thank you for trusting your nails to me (: 
This is done on 1 of the bride that had her photoshoot done in Taiwan! (I wanted to get my wedding shoot done there too but couldnt as I had to rush thru my plannings :/) She wanted sth simple yet eye catching, So we did the ever famous florals and added white and rainbow blings !! Such a demure set. Perfect for brides that doesnt want to have too fancy nails.

Challenge accepted

Again, customer came with NailArtExpress work and chanllenged me to get it done unto her nails. I almost fainted when I saw the design. its soooooo detailed and every single stroke is sooooo light. But still I took up the challenge an did it unto her nails! I know its not as good as Ying but I really tried my best!

Floral with stripes

My customers always love the pastel hues I have! And Im glad to have found AngelProGelly! The gel is sooo good that I can drw using the gel colours and the colours are sooo pretty! Im sure you will receive alot of praises by choosing this range of colours. (:

Go Red for CNY

Red french x crystals x charms. Every girls favourite.

Mix match nails

I guess this is my 1st mix match set, whereby having everything Kelly likes unto her nails.

Crystals with hand drawn ribbon.

Customer showed me this set from Nail Obsession and I did it unto her nails. had a hard time drawing the ribbon as I wasnt very good in drawing ribbons back den.

Colourful Leopard Prints

Got this design from the web. and instead of doing a full leopard print, Teresa decided on doing a half leopard print instead. Love the rainbow french.