AngelPro Ambassador

Hello ladies!

If you have notice, I have already been accepted as AngelPro Ambassador and I have been using their gelly system ever since I started up this business. Let me explain why I love this brand!

1. Angel Pro Gelly Polish is 100% Gel; unlike all gelish polish which is commonly a hybrid mixture of gel & traditional nail polishes.
2. No foul smell from toxic chemicals commonly found in traditional nail polishes.
3. Angel Pro Gelly Base does not require primer & other harmful bonding chemicals.
4. Angel Pro Gelly Polish last a minimum of three weeks & more on your nails.
5. Angel Pro Gelly Polish does not contain harming chemicals found in traditional Nail polishes like Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP.
6. Angel Pro is probably the only brand with a full range of rich milky pastel colors with no color change, no shrinkage & no crimple effects after curing under the UV/LED lamp.
7. Fast removal as the Angel Pro Gelly Shine does not require filling before soak off.
8. Smooth texture that ensures a smooth shiny finish.
9. Consistency of Angel Pro Gelly Polish can be used for detailed Gelly-art.
10. No curing/hardening of gel in the bottles.
11. Use an Angel Pro Cloud Buffer 180/280 to buff the surface of the nail instead of using a file which is too harsh for the nail.
12. Angel Pro Gelly Polish cures under both the UV & LED lamp. The gel cures best under a UV lamp (36 watt).

Theres only pros for using angelprogelly and Im simply a fan of it. If you do notice my nailarts are usually done with angelprogelly. (I do tag the "angelprogelly") And its sooo thick drawing with gel can make the art last sooo much longer and its proven fact that  the nails can last up to 5 weeks or even more!

I have a total of 35 bottles of Angelprogelly till date and I would expand the collection in time to come, so, request to get your nails done in Angelprogelly TODAY!

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