Nail Pics.

Sorry for the short hiatus, have been rathe busy since I left for hongkong till now! Will upload the pics soon once I find time to actually filter the photos. Meanwhile more nail pictures below!

Sponsored : J7Image

I went back to J7Image to discuss about some exciting collaboration with them(Stay tuned at the end of this post), and of cos I did a treatment to tame my frizzy and bad hair state ):
I do actually try to take good care of them and apply mask every now and then and applying hair products on my hair but it isnt easy especially when I am not really a hair person, but I am trying to make it into my everyday habit.
My super bad frizzy hair!
James, my stylist told me that he would do a scalp and hair treatment for me this time round as I didnt want to do any chemical treatment for the time being. Yes im pretty much still happy with my blue turned grey hair. (Please be warned that the following images are pretty gruesome.)
My very badly clogged up pores
These were taken at the top of my head and I was pretty embarressed to showing people how bad my scalp was as there were other customers in the salon. Thats when I started asking James a stupid question. (I always thought I had healthy hair cos of my thick tresses) But no I was wrong, I would have even thicker hair if my pores are unclogged and if you notice theres lotsa thin hairs coming out from my pores. Horrible is the word when I saw these.
  James showed me the Pearwood Scrub that will be scrub unto my head.(The process was super enjoying and comfortable! Wished it didnt stop thou, but good things do have to come to an end.) This pearwood scrub is made out of 100% pearwood and other ingredients(oil-to mix with the pearwood if not it wouldnt stick unto the hand before you apply unto the scalp. Same goes to other scrub)-94% of Natural Ingredients meaning your scalp wont need to depend on chemical to be healthy again and its really suitable for sensitive scalp! The process actually helped in absorbing oil and removes dead cells to let your scalp "breath" again. They added lavender essential oil & mint to give the extra calming effect(felt super good since it was cooling).
 The small tiny scrubs are not the dead cells if you enlarge the pic, you would be able to see the scrub that looks like a tiny triangle/cone those are the ones that have successfully removed the dead cells.
 And my horrible head filled with dead cells.
 After shampooing and cleaning away the dead cells I can now do the hair treatment to save my frizzy hair!
 See the airbrush the Cheryl was using? Its the same machine that we nailist use too, just that we use it for art purposes and they use it so as we can have healthy hair. She was spraying this cooling and refreshing scalp spray which is also made of 95% Natural Ingredients. Its made of Perilla Extract that has anti-microbial(micro organism) properties to relieves itching and leaves your scalp feeling cool and fresh.
And of cos to show that doing this treatment actually shows you an immediate effect (It also depends on your scalp), I was told that they managed to removed 70% of dead cells that were clogged and it could be better after a few more treatment.
(Before Treatment)
(After Treatment)- noticed the difference? My scalp is already unclogged(but its not 100%)
 And since my husband was around we decided to scan his scalp too. And the result kindda gross me out. His scalp was pretty oily, that per "hole"(pore) there were only 1 strand of hair growing out and for a healthy head there would be 3-5strands growing out which makes us have thick hair.
 And after explaining how much J7Image pride themselves for using only the best and natural products for their customers I guess a certification will make everyone put their "head" at ease and feel safe in their hands and not be worried if they are lying.
 Its near year end and alot of us will be going to parties, proms, dinners and maybe celebration with loveones. How about getting your hair done at J7Image? The good people of J7Image are giving my readers a 20% off for ALL SERVICES when you mention my name "Trina" or mention that you are recommended by me . And to make all these even more exciting I would be doing a collaboration with J7Image. They gave me 10 vouchers (50% OFF ANY SERVICE) for my readers and I would be throwing in an express gel mani*(last min of 1week) FOR FREE or top up $10 for a Classic Gel mani (last for 3weeks and up). 

Just follow 2 simple steps to be entitled to win the voucher.
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Far East Plaza

Animal nails

Its Friday! TGIF Everyone! Received a few request to do animal nails for the ladies! And not only am I doing it, my fellow nailist friends are doing it too! I guess adding colours and cute animals makes girls happier? Hope the following will make your friday happier!

Taipei Part 3

The 2nd last day before we enroute back to Singapore. Had breakfast at a store opposite our hotel which is always filled with customers. Im not a fan of youtiao so I only had SoyaMilk which taste almost the same as the ones we have in Singapore.
After breakfast we bid goodbye to Liling & bf before we went on to search for JayChou's restaurant. But sad to say the other JayChou restaurant was closed thus we had to go to the stall which was in the university. Food wasnt as bad as most reviews out there and as compared to the theme restaurant I have been to in Taipei this has got to be 1 of the better ones. Enjoyed my time there as I reach only after lunch time and there were not many people.
We left for Pingxi during the afternoon and only to realise that the train had a fix timing and that we would need to wait for the next train which was rather late think about 4pm, and we would need to catch the last trian which was at 8pm back to taipei. It was a rather rush trip as we totally didnt there was a fix timing for the trains, but I was telling the hus that I would need to make a trip down no matter what just so set the sky lantern consisting my well wishes for the business and family.
I guess this pretty sum up my 6d5n trip to taipei! Am already looking forward to go back soon, but would love to travel to the other part of taiwan the next time I am there. But my next travel entry would be on Hongkong which I hope will change my whole perspective of HongKong.(My last hongkong trip made me hate the weather and all cos I didnt played and I was only having Macdonals/cupnoodles for my meals.)