Boracay 2014

So as promised on my ig, I agreed to blog about my trip to Boracay. We went on a 4d3n which I felt a little too short. As in total we had only 2.5days to play due to all the travelling to the island. I bought tickets from Silkair as it was on sales, paid 298 inclusive of baggage, food and better service but the downside is we have to transit at cebu which is why our total travelling by plane is about 6hrs.
Reached Kalibo only at 2.30pm (the timing there is the same as Singapore), got my internet card outside the airport (I was pretty shocked when I reached the airport. It was worst than our previous budget terminal). After getting my internet card, My friend bought tickets for our land transfer, boat ride, environment fee and etc fees to be paid if you did everything individually but cause we wanted to travel more comfortably we went along with this agent from SOUTHWEST(pic below. can book on the spot), it cost about 30SGD/pax but for a 2-2.5 hrs bus ride and 5-10mins boat ride and another 10mins cab ride to the hotel/resort I strongly advice everyone to get their tickets from them.
 Our adventure began, TIP OF THE DAY: DONT EVER LET THE PPL THERE CARRY OR DO ANYTHING FOR YOU! Boracay is a very pretty island but the people there are horrible!!!!!!!! Everytime they do something for you, eg. carry your baggage or even taking pictures of certain things they would DEMAND tips. WTF RIGHT?! Yes, this happened to me, so please take note of this. I paid like sooooo many tips throughout my trip there.
 Greeted with clear water upon touching down at Boracay Island.
I booked Boracay Regency as my resort for this trip but I realised theres not much difference in the places you stay as long as its along the beach. Because everyday I would travel to both station 3 and 1 despite staying at station 2. Station 3 is where all the watersports are and station 2 has good food and d mall is nearby with pubs and clubs along the way, station 1 is where the beaches has lesser people and can take very very nice pictures (My photoshoot shots were mostly taken at station 1, will post them up the next post.). So, any resort or hotel along the beaches is fine.
After checking in to my resort, I quickly freshen up and head out to catch the sunset but the sun set like 5.15-5.45pm so didnt caught it (I went during monsoon season so next 2 days has no sunset too T.T) Am really sad about it, because I really love sunsets.
 Randomly pop into a hotel buffet and had dinner there, cost us about 16sgd/pax for the buffet. Food was ok but its either too salty or too sweet, LOL! Random note: I love their beef. Thought seafood is good but I didnt had any good ones when I was there. NEXT TIP: See the fire show which was provided by the hotel after the show they would head to every table and start playing it above your head(As Singaporeans, Camera out and take pic) but wrong move, they would go around and start asking for tips after that. -.- So unless you are willing to pay if not dont take! LOL
Next day, I got woken up at 6am because the damn sun rise at 5.30am and the wooden "curtain" cant seem to fully shut it from shining into the room. But at least I caught the sun rise? LOL. We found a person for our watersport and he is really good, slightly expensive but for good service and no asking of tips and would carry our stuff(honest) I dont mind paying abit more. His contacts, JOHN:09214850860. Do note his rates are fixed thus theres no way to bargain. Paid 1800php/pax for parasailing. 1800phps/pax(included the extra 50phps for bananaboat) for helmet diving (including pictures & video), bananaboat (min 5 pax so we each paid extra 50phps to cover the last pax) and flying fish. I was pretty sad we didnt had time for island hopping, so I prob head back and do that the next time to conclude my trip there :p
We had dinner at this Italian Restaurant which was recommended by my photographer. It served really good pizza, please do not order their pastas. We ordered 3 and all 3 were bland -.- but their pizza is really good and super value for money.
Ended our night at Epic, beer cost us only 5SGD(If I didnt remember wrongly)! Super cheap. and It was before 10pm so we had the happy hour 1 for 1!!!!! 
 Because my shoot on the 2nd day didnt exactly work out due to the rain, I had to do it the next day in the morning. The photo below is taken at 6am and sun was already up. :/
This sums up my Boracay trip. Another tip, Please put aside 500phps/pax(international flight) for airport charge( cant rmb the exact name for the charge ), but it is to be paid at the airport before you get to board your plane. Any questions can contact me directly or leave a comment. (: