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Did my hair about a week ago and am still loving the colours J did for me this time! I love colours but didnt dare to do as Im pretty afraid of having damaged hair but J7image proved me wrong again and again. This time I went for Blue, Purple and pink(which turned to purple in the end).
We started with bleaching the ends of my hair, Yes I bleached for the 3rd time within a year :x  I didnt take de process of the dying because I looked like a Medusa which was pretty ugly.
 Close up of the hair when its straight and curled.
Side View & Back view
 Front view and the awesome stylist that took up the challenge. hehe^^
  This was taken few days after heading to the salon, I would curl my hair to sleep every night just so to wake up with pretty curled hair. LOL.
 I have since then received wonderful comments about my hair and how they admire my hair texture even after bleaching. And guess what? I didnt even do treatment after bleaching and my hair still feels amazing. Bleaching tends to spoil our hair and I wont say my hair is not dry at all, of cause it is but with the right hair salon/stylist and proper home care I can have pretty + beautiful hair anytime or for how time I want.
J7Image is really packed for the CNY but Im pretty sure they would be willing to slot you in if you give them a ring(not to mention how hardworking they are to actually work into the wee hours so that their customers can have pretty hair for CNY)
Mention my name Trina and get 20% off all services during cny period.
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Far East Plaza

Christmas Part 2

Loving all the set of Christmas nails I've done for the clients. Cant wait to start painting all the cny related nails already. It totally brings in the mood with having those nail designs on. There are more christmas designs that were posted on my Instagram, if interested do follow me at simplicitynails to see the designs that ive done.