Taipei Part 3

The 2nd last day before we enroute back to Singapore. Had breakfast at a store opposite our hotel which is always filled with customers. Im not a fan of youtiao so I only had SoyaMilk which taste almost the same as the ones we have in Singapore.
After breakfast we bid goodbye to Liling & bf before we went on to search for JayChou's restaurant. But sad to say the other JayChou restaurant was closed thus we had to go to the stall which was in the university. Food wasnt as bad as most reviews out there and as compared to the theme restaurant I have been to in Taipei this has got to be 1 of the better ones. Enjoyed my time there as I reach only after lunch time and there were not many people.
We left for Pingxi during the afternoon and only to realise that the train had a fix timing and that we would need to wait for the next train which was rather late think about 4pm, and we would need to catch the last trian which was at 8pm back to taipei. It was a rather rush trip as we totally didnt there was a fix timing for the trains, but I was telling the hus that I would need to make a trip down no matter what just so set the sky lantern consisting my well wishes for the business and family.
I guess this pretty sum up my 6d5n trip to taipei! Am already looking forward to go back soon, but would love to travel to the other part of taiwan the next time I am there. But my next travel entry would be on Hongkong which I hope will change my whole perspective of HongKong.(My last hongkong trip made me hate the weather and all cos I didnt played and I was only having Macdonals/cupnoodles for my meals.)

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