Pink Room Cup 2013

Im finally down into blogging about what happened on this day. All I can say is it wasnt an easy journey. I have been putting alot of effort in this competition not for the on floor competition (Gel mani & Acrylic ext) but for the mixed media team work.

3 weeks before the competition I went all the way down to toa payoh everyday just so we could complete our "project". We decided on an ocean theme and started looking for ideas online/magazines, my dear partner which is sooo good with getting things from China she went on to source for the clothes and props! We spent a total of $700SGD just for this and didnt regret as I really like the whole outcome and the whole set!

My lovely partner which gave me soo much tips on how I should handle my acrylic application which helped me alot in the competition! 
My model which has been my model since I started out as a student, a big thankyou Annabel and Apple which is Jy's extension model for the day.
You will be seeing me smiling through out cause I wasnt abit tense up, I already wanted to give up on the competition the day before as I did not once practice on my model and neither did I try to practice, every idea including the nailart came on the night before the competition day.
I can only conclude that by not being stress you can do things better and I was having fun throughout cos my model was joking throughout the competition and making the atmosphere not so tense.
The process wasnt easy for my model she had to bear with the pain as I try to get the 180 degree c curve and the temperature was pretty cold and it took longer than usual for the acrylic to harden so there were a few times whereby I waited a little too long which was a painful experience for Annabel. Thank you for being patient with me and dealing with the pain throughout.
Us concentrating on what we are doing
And the outcome for my acrylic extension (forgot about my white gel thus the strawberries has no seeds LOL.)
Next segment was Gel Mani, I managed to find a model only few days before the competition as the model I had beforehand had their nails either trim very short or that their side wall was already cut off, I wasnt even bothered about getting a model until the last min, Thank you Faith for being a sport and helping me with this. And beside her is JY's model for gel mani.
And us!
After finishing the gel I ran off thus theres no pic of the gel mani I did and my cust gave me a rather blur pic so I wont post it up.Went to find the hairstylist and our model and started preping her nails for the event. I got to say J7Image is really very nice for sponsoring my model and my competition and went through soo much trouble just so to make me realise my dream hairstyle.
The outcome of the look! I really love the hairstyle but I doubt I ever get the chance to try. 
The awesome wings which Jy got for this competition. She just wanted us to have a mini VS show.
We were given 45 mins to fix everything that we have prepared unto the nails and I got to say what an experience it was. The other team had 3 participants but for us we had 2 and we were shivering as we were afraid we could not finish the nails on time or that the fake tip will drop off half way through. Im pretty sure I panick soo much on stage.
I have stage fright thus I left all the talking to JY. LOL
The outcome of the whole mixed media event.
A picture of us with Eexuan.
My boy and hus wanted to be in the pic too.
Tada! Our hard work for 3 weeks.

I would say this competition brought me alot of different experience and fact is I wasnt even a bit nervous till the last competition but it was a regretful event as I had lost my 2nd child in the process. Ive already knew that I was pregnant but still wanted to go through the competition and was rather stress on how and what I should do beforehand, and not to mention a week before my competition my son and hus was down with hfmd and I was rather worried that my hus couldnt cope with my son as I went on to complete the project.

The reason why I blamed myself is cos throughout the process I wasnt bothered about my health and actually just kept thinking only about this and felt that if I had taken more care of my health I might not lose my 2nd child. But of cos, im thankful I lost it at 2mths old instead of losing at a much later stage but this is 1 regret that I will hold deeply within me.

I guess this will prob be my last competition until I can finally let go and not blame myself anymore. I know that things are pretty fated but I honestly believe that all mothers that have lost their child before will understand the pain that Im going through.

Despite all this, Im still very happy that I went through the whole process at least once. Thankyou to those that had supported me. Im truely thankful.
For this competition I managed to bag home a 2nd place for Acrylic Extension, 3rd for Gel mani and 2nd for Mixed Media Themework.


  1. Am very happy to read this.. u certainly have matured a lot.. keep it up and move on.. no point dwelling on it! Hugs & ♥♥♥ ur sil

  2. Thanks! Really appreciate all the tips you have given me and the encouragements. ♥♥♥ im thankful to have a sis like you. Hehe.