Review: I am Cafe Singapore

Saw a few followers going to this cafe and I told the hubby that I would love to give it a try, got the buddies along to head to the cafe today. Was pretty disappointed with the service and dessert as they look really good, read on to find out why.
OOTD & my selfie. LOL

The cafe's menu
My lil cheeky boy came along too.
The buddies that agreed immediately when I asked them along.(:
Wanted to take a family shot but the lil one decided to not be in the pic.
Left: Berry Good Bro Right: Shirley Temple
I loved the Berry drink! Its rathe refreshing and doesnt taste too sweet which is of my liking.
 The platter we ordered to share as we were quite hungry.
 Bought their chef recommendation for fish and chips and despite not being a fan of fish I love it the moment I took a bite into it. The fish is super fresh!
 We got 3 dessert to share. Got the Red Velvet cake which tasted rather good as Im not a fan of too cheesy cream. So if you do go, please try the this!
 And I saw this crepe and told my friends and hubby that I MUST HAVE THIS but its rather disappointing, the taste is rather nothing? just like chocolate syrup with flour?
 And the bestie ordered a rainbow cake which none of us liked. It wasnt moist like the red velvet cake, and it doesnt taste good at all! Totally recommend The Coffee Daily for rainbow cake.
 Bestie reached earlier as we couldnt find a parking lot so she went to look for space as its a saturday it was rather crowded. We waited a good 30 mins for space of 5. Got down to getting what we would like to eat and as we were all rather hungry, me and the hubby decided to get a main course each. The server told me that she will get back to me on if they do still serve pizza and yet she didnt. So, I waited for like 45mins and asked if my pizza is coming that was when she told me there isnt pizza available for today.

I was rather unhappy about it as I was VERY HUNGRY and the food waiting time was soo loong! I guess I wouldnt head back to this cafe again, even the hubby who has a good temper mentioned how bad their service were. Not to mention I asked for chili sauce from 2 servers(which I went to get myself in the end) came only 20mins later.

Didnt really enjoyed my experience today so I guess I will continue to source for more cafe around Singapore. Would be rather busy in the coming month but would still try to find time to look around.
674 North Bridge Road #01-01, off Haji Lane
Singapore, Singapore 188804
6295 5509

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