J7 Image (Sponsored): Second Scalp Treatment and Nano mist treatment

Hello, its my third trip down to J7image and instead of touching up my roots and add colour I decided that my hair needed some pampering with the scalp treatment and moisture my dry ends with a treatment. We started off with a scalp treatment (bare with my ugly roots for the following pics), imma head back next mth to get it touch up and prepare to have pretty hair for cny!
Today, Cheryl did my hair and boy was I excited about it, the last scalp treatment ended me with super clean scalp but after awhile I realised my scalp/hair turned flaky and I was sooo worried about what was happening, told James and he mention that I was using a wrong shampoo. Despite changing soo many shampoo none of it worked on me thus I decided to get a new shampoo from them as James recommend me using a shampoo with mild chemicals as my scalp is pretty sensitive and when its clean it turned super sensitive -.-
Due to my long hours of work & taking care of the lil boy I tend to neglect my sleep and when Cheryl did a head massage for me I swear my eyes were closing! Sooo relaxing for the head and my brain kindda shut down that I forgot to take more picture. (Cheryl, if you are seeing this, I really loved the massage, please give me more next time. :p)
Applying the scrub unto the head.
These are the scrub bits with the dead cells that fell out from my head, I was grossed out as this time round there were more dead cells than de previous time cause of me using the wrong shampoo ):
I forgot to take a pic of their new machine which has warm mist coming out to open the pores of your head and hair just so all the nutrients and moisture will be locked into your hair and head. Say hello to healthier and pretty hair for the festive season. This is a pic of how clean my scalp was. I forgot to take a picture of the before, it was covered with flaky dandruffs that I was soo embarress to allow the stylist to touch my head. Thankyou Cheryl for the help (: 
Im having shinier and healthy hair thanks to the stylist at J7Image. Its the festive season and I believe most of us would want nice tresses but do remember that colouring or having chemical on your hair would damage them so please protect them by giving them treatment every now and then.
Of cos not only do J7Image takes care of my tresses I would need to be hardworking and apply products and takes care of them so that I can maximise the treatment that was done to my head. The products were not sponsored so I purchased it hoping to make a difference in my hair and I got to say the products worth every cents I paid. I just got the Green Tea shampoo which has this minty feeling and washing the hair makes my head feel refreshing and clean and I also got this yoghurt mask which smells soooo good and helped in taming my frizzy hair. I would start digging out photos of the past me and show how different my hair had been. To those that are interested in knowing the price for the scalp treatment it cost $97 while the nano mist treatment would cost $157.
J7Image started having members discount where you purchase this card for $27 and get 15% off from monday-thursday and 10% off from friday-sunday and public holiday. There's an extra 20% on your birthday month which means you get 30-35% off which is alot if you do colouring + treatment . there's also a 10%off on products that are selling at their salon, I totally recommend the yoghurt mask which smells soo good and tame my super frizzy hair well.
But like any other salon the membership discount would temporary stop but they are having an instant lucky dip for their customers where you could win something on the spot, be it a gift or a discount.
J7Image pride themselves in giving the best to their customers and theres 2 things that makes me love their salon are their salon 1. Their floor are always clean from hair 2. The salon doesnt have the chemical smell despite the person beside you colouring/perming their head. Not to mention they can talk to me about anything and everything. Im really thankful for having such a good salon that is doing this for me, its like a dream come true.

And because they are soo nice, they gave me a $17off discount voucher which could be used for the festive season until march and a $50off discount voucher which could be used for treatments or any chemical service after Chinese New Year. Do email me at trina90@live.com.sg stating which voucher you would like to receive and I would be mailing it out.

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