Review: The Coffee Daily

Hi Ladies, I have been wanting to find a good cafe around Singapore for a very long time but sadly to say I dont get the time to do so as in order to plan for an outing I have to consider my son nap time, lunch time or dinner time etc. It became a chore for me and would rather stay at home in the end.

Decided to head to The Coffee Daily today because I just cant say no to pretty cakes! And I was in a better mood thus I brought my camera out. HAHA!
Some Selfies before heading out (Afterall, I hardly doll up so need to take more pics.)
This place is filled with vintage looking furnitures and is a pretty good place for photoshoots!
 Brought the sis in law & bf along since they are always going to different cafes.
We each ordered a beverage, it was a rather cold day so i opted for a hot drink. The drink was pretty alright but I would love it even more if its hoter a lil to keep me warm. (either that or the weather is too cold that I felt that the drink was warm.) But plus point for the art in the drinks, perks my day instantly! (:
 We were rather hungry as we havent had lunch so we ordered their daily breakfast to share. The croissant was rather crispy and everything tasted really good except for the chips which wasnt as crispy(lou feng) kind and I didnt like it. But other than that everything tasted pretty good.
 Nachos which we ordered to share! I love the hot cheese that they served with the chips. Tasted pretty good and does not have the plastic tasting cheese so you should order this if you are a chips and cheese lover.
 And for the MAIN HIGHLIGHT! I was attracted to the rainbow cake that they sold and is always OOS so do reserve 1 before heading down. The cake was pretty moist and really very nice, the cake flavour wasnt too much thus it didnt cover the taste of the cream cheese which was a lil sweet but eating it with the cake was alright. And best part was it didnt taste like cheese (Im not a fan of cheese cream cakes) but for the sake of this rainbow cake I ordered it. My son love every bit of this cake!
 The happy boy with a happy tummy!
 Notice the drink mark? My greedy boy wanted to finish the drink we had thus the mark on his forehead and cheeks. Too Cheeky!
75 Brighton Crescent,
Serangoon Garden Estate,
Singapore 559216

Total experience : Cake and coffee was good and I would recommend that people should make a trip down at least once. We spent about 70+ for 4 drinks (I forgot to take the 2 waffles + ice chocolate my sis in law and bf ordered), 2 breakfast set, 1 rainbow cake, 1 nachos, 1 waffle with ice cream and 1 waffle with maple syrup. So I believe price is pretty reasonable and not to mention they serve old school biscuits for free!

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