Happy 2013

Hello Lovies,

Happy New Year!! Its 2013 already, I felt 2012 passed real quick. Had sucha wonderful year. I wanna post on the things that made my 2012 a good year.

1. Met sooooo many lovey customers. Customers that I treat them more as friends than clients.
2. Being able to see my lil baby growing into sucha fine lil boy (he is still quite a terror)
3. Having to maintain my business which I thought I would fail even before trying. (im thankful)
4. Having Family and Friends supportive of my doings esp my hus which have been there for me.
5. Being able to save up xxxx amt after spending xxxxx on my nail business.

All these made me really proud of myself. I went thru hell lot to actually achieve this. And sometimes I cant believe Im actually holding a fulltime job which I really loooove.

Anyway, I made up a few Resolutions for 2013 and am hoping I would fulfill it by end of 2013.

1. to save xxxxx for my future nest.
2. bringing in more nail products for customers to choose.
3. able to handle my business and not neglecting my family.
4. to improve in my nail arts and offer wider range of services.
5. to be known by more ppl.

Im not gonna have alot of redolutions cos given my personality I usually wouldnt fulfill it. LOL! But no! Im intending to do so for this year onwards. (:

I know this is quite a wordy post but felt like penning down my thoughts (:

Once again, Have a great year ahead and may we be healthy and rich and have hella fun in the coming year.

Trina Lee

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