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A surprise post for the readers. Decided to get off topic and talk something abit more personal about me and of cause I know there are quite a few of young readers here and would really love to hear this story. Its gonna be quite a wordy post, I do hope this post helps a little for mum to be or preparing you to be a mum.

Lets start off with me being pregnant.

As most readers/customers have known, Im a young mummy. Am only turning 23 in sept 2013. And of cause I aint gonna hide the fact that I was pregnant before getting married.

Everyone asked me how I actually handled it when I found out. All I can say was, I was lost, blinded by love & happy.

Just so to let you all know more about my r/s with my hubby, we were really happy during his NS period and yes it isnt hard for us as he was a commando and he only gets to book out on sats and have to book in on sun which was only a day of meeting (where got enough?) And there are times where by he needa have guard duty and not being able to book out. Than, there are times whereby he needa travel overseas for his 1 mth training.

I thought things would have gotten better after NS but no. University was the most challenging part of our R/S. As most of my customers would have know, I quit sch at the age of 16 just so to follow my heart and work as a manicurist at Far East Plaza. (Not really a good example) So, I was pretty unsure of my r/s as why would a grad wants some1 this dumb :/

And yes, true enough we broke up once he got into uni, reason being he wanted his freedom and have time to concentrate on his studies but of cos I found out he was actually going out with girls -.-

I actually tried ways to forget him but no, I still couldnt. We got back together after seperating for a mth plus to only realise I was pregnant. I didnt know what to do at first, Happy cos I ever went to a doc and he told me I only had 20% to being pregnant and fact was I thought I could marry the guy I loved (blinded by love -.-) Lost, cos I was only 20 still pretty immature in thinking and didnt know if I could be a good example for my baby.

After lotsa discussions with family members & friends. We decided to not kill the innocent life and gives my son a perfect family. We got married on the 28thNov2010.

Throughout my pregnancy times I felt I was going to die, I still had to go to work.(working in an office at that moment of time) My morning sickness came only when I was 2 mths preggy and it was really bad. I vomitted every single morning. Even if I had water I will puke the water out. Every morning, my office toilet is my best friend. Would run to the toilet just to puke whatever I have eaten. And if I dont eat, I puke my gastric fluid out. :/ Thats how bad I had to handle everyday.

Things when on till I was 4 months preggy. Things got better cause the vomitting stopped, but thats when my brain when crazy. Randomly scolding people (My husband), its like PMS but far worst. You cant seem to control what is happening, you get reminded of sad stuff than you will start crying. It was like a roller coaster ride during pregnancy and Im glad its finally over.

It finally came to a time whereby everything in the world was agaiinst you and your confidence seems to be the lowest during that period guess thats the reason why Husbands plays a good role of keeping the wife happy nd giving her whatever she wants during that period (or best throughout their relationship).

I didnt had much cravings, felt hungry more often. My 1st 2 months I was basically in need of fastfood, anything with fries or burgers will curb my craving. Den came 5th mth onwards, my love for ice cream grew I had to have a tub of ice cream everynight before I sleep and once in awhile in need of meaty food (bak kut teh, kway chap, steak etc.). I used to like having kois before preggy but I actually hated bubbletea during preg somehow I cant even finish a small cup of it.

Went for monthly checkups till the day I was due on 16thMay2011 but my lil boy still didnt want to come out thus doc gave him extra 4 days before inducing him. Shall talk about my giving birth process the next time round.

Soooo sorry to those that are here for pictures but I kindda felt I should pen this down so as to let more people understand about going through pregnancy & labour.


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