Bits and Pieces about me part2

To continue my story.. to my giving birth experience.

On 20th may 2011, I woke up at 6.30am to actually have a last good bathe before heading down to Thomson Medical to receive my lil prince. He was an overdue baby, he was 40weeks & 4 days old.

Left the house at 7am as we had to reach the hospital by 7.30am to do the administration and other paper work. I was scared, wondering if I am brave enough to go through this. I have always been afraid of pain, be it when I was younger or now. I would always cry when I feel helpless.

Warded into the observation room, the nurse came in and actually inserted some liquid stuff into the buttock and told me its best if I can wait for 5 mins before going to the toilet to shit. I was still thinking 5 mins only, shouldnt be a problem. But within 3mins, I couldnt take it and ran to the toilet as fast as I could, the feeling was the same as having a diarrhea. And completed my business and headed back to bed and wait for my doc to arrive.

She came in only at 8.30am and told me that I was only 1cm dilated. I was like OMG! how long more am I suppose to wait?! (Just for non mothers, you have to be 10cm dilated before being able to give birth.) So Dr Tan inserted a pill into my vagina, just so that it could speed up my dilating process, and I was left to rest.

Shortly after the doc left, I started having contractions and I told myself to sleep and not be bothered of the surrounding just so to not feel the pain. I guess it was 10 or 11am before the nurse brought me into the delivery room. The pain was starting to be unbearable, the feeling was like having mensual cramp x1000000.

At 2pm, Dr Tan came back into the room and check my cervix and broke my waterbag, and as my cervix only opened another 1cm after 6hrs of waiting I decided to take epidural. The pain is beyond words, imagine a thick needle being inject into your spine and not feeling pain but relieved! Thats how much pain I was experiencing to not feel that needle pain.

I took my nap and slept for the next 4hrs+, Dr Tan came in at 6.30pm and mentioned that we can prepare for delivery, guess after the jab I was pretty relaxed and slept throughout thus the cervix manage to open faster? As I was still on epidural, I couldnt feel a single thing from waist down, for a moment it sucks to be half paralysed. Waited for the husband to be back before we started pushing, as he went out to take a call.

Within 10mins of pushing and with the help of Vacuum, Kayler was out!!! It wasnt easy, especially how I cant feel my tummy and I dont even know if I am pushing the right thing. The moment the lil man came out he cried for a good 15mins! Dr Tan was saying how angry he was cause we were disturbing him. HAHA.

The man went out with the nurse to check out Kayler's weight & height while Dr Tan stitch me up, I still cant feel anything cause the numbness was still there. After awhile they sent me back to the room to rest, as the single bedded was fully booked (Yes, Tell me about it! I will book my single bed for my next pregnancy) I had to make do with 2 bedded room, felt really irritated that evening as I couldnt feel my leg at all and my butt was feeling rather tired but yet I cant move it :/

My inlaws, mum, bro, sis in law, Junying & Sean came to visit me & the newly arrive prince. But they had to wait till 10pm before having the baby pushed in as the nurses needed to clean the baby up before being able to push them into the mother's room. And so, cos I didnt get to have a single bedded room, the man needa secretly stay back and accompany me. He slept on the hard chair that was provided for visitors while I slept on the bed that night. Even so, we didnt get to sleep that night, the women beside me was SNORING so damn loud. It was sooo bad that both me & the hus got woken up a few times and wanted to inform the nurse for a switch in room, but cos the hus was secretly staying back I decided to just keep quiet and wait for the next day.

The next day, I managed to get a single bedded room thus I change into it. Friends & relatives came to visit me and see the lil one. All were looking at him and no 1 dared to carry him, i guess cos he was pretty small & fragile.

That sums up my giving birth process, and embark into my next stage of life. Motherhood. I cant actually say much but somehow, after being a mum I understand why our parents are always nagging and screaming at us. And yes, I have changed alot. I believe alot of my closed friends can be witness of this, I was a pretty playful girl in the past but now Im only thinking of my future and how to give Kayler a better environment for everything.

To those that actually read my post, thank you! but to those that actually only wanna see pictures, stay tuned to tml post den. hehe^^


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