Saturday 8March2014
Stopped heading to cafes after being soo busy with appointments. So, last weekend I decided to head to W.39 Bistro & Bakery. Heard quite a few reviews about the place thus decided to head over since its in the western part of Singapore.

It was a rather hot weather that day so we each ordered a cold drink. Loved my berry soda!
I ordered the breakfast set which was not bad. Liked the salad and bread alot!
The husband got nasi lemak which was better than my breakfast. Would love to try their meesiam one day.
The lil boy wanted cake after his lunch, and he chose their rainbow cake which was a lil bit too oily but the cake was really moist which I loved. (I hate it when my cake isnt moist) But cos we were already full I didnt get to order their chocolate cake which I thought would have been nice.
  • 39 Jalan Mas Puteh
  • Singapore, Singapore 128637 
Overall experience was good just that it was rather packed and we were lucky as we didnt made any reservation and only waited about 15 mins for seats. So, if you do want to make a trip down remember to make reservations to cut the queues. Note: The queue didnt stop throughout my lunch there, people just keep coming in, thats how good their food are I guess. 

Sunday 9March2014
The Best Friend got married. Woke up really early to prepare and head to the restaurant where the best friend had his wedding lunch held. 

The lil boy being cheeky that morning! Seeing him grow makes me feel how old I get everytime he hits a milestone. Time to get a no.2 already! (Im trying but still not successful :/) 
Because I dressed up + makeup that day heres a selfie of me. LOL
and the best friend with his wife saying the vow.
When I got married, the husband friends mixed a special drink for him to actually drink it to symbolise that they are willing to take up everything for their wife and I am sooo thankful the husband drank that weird stuff all up despite the awful smell and taste. Thankyou for doing it for me, MS. So, I did the same for the best friend and it took me quite sometime to actually get him to drink a slip, but I guess its the thought that counts?
To BBf, Now that you are married, I do hope that you will be ready to take up the responsibilities in the future. And when babykoh is born, you would be a good daddy and husband. The road ahead isnt easy and getting married is the starting of a new phrase of life. Do remember that no matter what happen talk things out to each other for a better marriage! Last but not least, Congrats bbf! 

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