J7 Image: 2 tone Colour dye and Nano Keratin Treatment

Some day last week I took some time off from work and went to get my hair redyed & did Nano Keratin treatment. The previous colours lasted about a month before it changed and became to the following colours. I thought the colours were still very pretty thus I didnt went back to J7 until 2 months later. :p
When I arrived Cheryl was telling me about their new treatment, and saying how it would helped my frizzy hair which cause by doing alot of chemical work on my hair. ( I cannot blowdry my own hair like the professionals, often resulting to frizzy hair and I hate it. Because I love tamed hair which is why Im always going for rebonding. :/ ) So, Imagine how happy I was when I heard there's a treatment that could tame my hair without damaging it.
It was suppose to be a 5 step treatment but because J7 would only give the best to their client they added another step just for all of us! Please note that this treatment requires alot of time but I can guarantee you that the time spent is worth it if you have serious damage hair or do often chemical work on your hair.
Step 1: Cleanse. Jayden helped to wash and did a massage on my head using the Pro-Keratin Refill Shampoo which cleanses and compensate the lost of hair substance caused by chemical.
Step 2: Tone. He sprayed the Power Kera Recharge Powerdose section by section unto the hair. This step is essential as it helped to inject client's hair with keratin to reconstruct the cortex of hair fibre which enable the hair to be repaired and more supple. 
Step 3: Boost. He switched on the steampod(Picture below) and like how normal rebonding works he would pass steampod section by section of my hair. Which would  seal the nourishment from Powerdose and boost the treatment's efficacy through the application of heat.
Step 4: Nano mist. This step is added by J7 to open up the pores of the hair so that the masque which we would be applying in the next step would be absorbed and enable better result of the treatment. 
Step 5: Treat & Moisture. The Pro-Keratin Refill masque helps to moisturises and nourishes the hair, enriching it with the nutrients that it needs for shine and vitality.
Step 6: Protect. The final step of the treatment, Cheryl applied the Pro-Keratin Refill Blow-Dry Cream that is enriched with Xylose, known for its thermo protective action. This cream would protect your hair before blow-drying and prepares your hair for styling.
The final result of my hair. I did a 2 tone colour. Because I was sooo in loved with my previous set of colours, I did the same hairbase colour (red-purple) and for the ends Cheryl dyed a really bright purple for me and because my ends were in a lighter shade I didnt need to bleach my hair. (: I love how the colour came out despite not bleaching and using only 1 colour for the ends but gotten different shades of purple due to the previous shades of colour tone.
 I finally get to take a good picture with Cheryl. Everytime Im there she is always sick, finally a day that she isnt and is fit enough to take a picture with me. Thank you Cheryl and J7Image for being soo patient with me and always treating me like a friend instead of a client. (:
For the treatment, it would cost 197 while for the hairdye work it would cost 187 without bleaching and 257 with bleaching.
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