Taiwan in April

Since last year, Jy and myself have been planning on a trip. After much consideration between Korea or Taiwan, we decided Taiwan was better as she would be getting her face done so the following photos are probably the last of her for now until she recovers.
We booked our flight with Scoot so it was a midnight flight to TaoYuan. Feeling rather excited as it was our 1st trip together and doing such an exciting thing.
We reached Taipei at 8am and was rather tired as both of us didnt sleep well during the flight. Took a nap before we head off to the clinic for the girl's consultation. After waiting&consulting the doctor for almost 4 hours we head to have breakfast + lunch + dinner at DinTaiFeng. The xiaolongbao taste better than Singapore's and its cheaper than Sg too. The whole bill added up to $25SGD. We had 6 XLB, 6TaroXLB, Bean(Veg) and 2 teas.
And it was the only night where we could go party so we got our hair washed & blowdried at a salon in XMD which cost only 8SGD and headed to MYST. Can never appreciate trance music so I didnt enjoy my night. Cant wait for our next trip, hoping that I can find a good club with rnb.
We reached back only at 4am and woke up at 8am as we needed to reach the clinic at 9am. I couldnt believe I actually lasted the whole day exploring until 12am.
After dropping JY off to the clinic, My adventure begins, bought tickets and headed to JiuFen. But I wasnt having good appetite throughout my trip so I didnt buy anything when I was in Jiufen. Still enjoyed myself walking and looking around alone.
After walking for about 2hours? I decided to head to ShiFen, dont be fooled by the names. Thou its jiu and shi its of 2 different place. So, after heading to JiuFen, you would need to bus back to RuiFang and buy another train ticket along the PingXi line to ShiFen. But I really wanna see the waterfall so, die die also wanna go. LOL But thankfully the weather was rather cooling so I didnt really sweat and was pretty happy exploring the old villages and after this trip I can conclude I have fear of heights, I still dont believe I didnt dare to go near the edge of the bridge to take pictures thus the pictures were all taken from the middle of the bridge. :x
Stayed here for a good 1 hour resting after walking for a good 30mins for this. Listening to the water flow down sounds really very relaxing and they have swings around the place to chill too.
So there was a queue at this store, and I believe I wouldnt come back already so bought 1 to try but I felt it was alright, didnt really taste that good for me to wait for 20mins.
The day ended meeting JunYing at the clinic at 12am.. The enxt day despite being in a swollen face, JY went out with me and we headed to Barbie cafe for our 1st meal of the day but Cos it was tea time there were no main courses but Im pretty happy with my snack platter couldnt finish as it was too much for me. Loved the tiramisu thou, am never a fan of tiramisu but after this trip I changed my mind about them. Its soo nice and smooth.
Saturday came and JY wasnt feeling well, so I headed to Dan shui myself and thank goodness I did saw fire cracker for the 1st time and am pretty excited about it. Dont understand why is it not allowed in Singapore :/
Was pretty tempted to chill around here but I needed to leave already as we made appointment at HelloKitty Cafe for dinner.
The desserts looked soo yummy but I didnt had any as my dinner set was too much for me to swallow. Food was rather good despite hearing comments that its not, I finished my soup and salad and pudding! 
So we ended our Saturday just like that and my camera battery went flat but on Sunday I headed to this place opp Danshui called 八里 as my flight was a midnight flight back to Singapore. Its a pretty nice place to chill for couples, scenery is really pretty too. Would suggest to go during sunset till night. I cant wait to be back to explore the other places of Taiwan, still hoping that I could go Kenting in my next trip.

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