Simple bridal set

A little short update before I crash for the night.
I know this space seems boring after awhile but Im still soo thankful for the few people that do view my blog on a daily basis. Ever since work started, I only sleep for an average of 5hrs a day so I would try to spend sometime blogging. Im really thankful and cant be blessed for all these that are happening around me. (P.S/ I will upload pics on my Taiwan trip before I leave for HongKong in Oct)

This is a Bridal set that made me loved it soo much that Im pretty tempted to get it done on my own nails but cos Im really very lazy to do removal for myself thus I hate having to do my nails now. LOL! Anyway for brides to be that doesnt like complicated design, go for something like this. Sweet yet elegent. Perfect for the night of your life.

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