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Hello! Im sooo excited to share this new salon, J7 Image which just did a whole new renovation recently and rebrand themselves! It started off with doing a one time review for their salon but they decided to change to a long term sponsorship. (Click on the images to enlarge it)
James, my stylist and I were discussing on which colour we should get for me, as he wanted to try a reverse ombre for me and I wanted to do a colour I have not tried before. This shot was taken before I snip off 1 inch and went on to dye it.
Took some pics for the process.
I was pretty shocked with the outcome as the last time I bleached my hair, it got pretty damaged from the process whereas this time round it was smoother than my new grown hair. I felt that bleaching is a process where everyone should choose a good salon for it. Theres no point bleaching it to get the colour you want but yet its for a one time thing as the next time round you would need to snip the damage ends(which would be the bleaching area) away. For this point, I felt I can leave my hair in the good hands of J7Image.
I was told that J7Image brought in this new hair dye which is organic and has minimum chemical whereby pregnant women or ladies that are still breastfeeding their infants can have beautiful locks too! *I still remember the horrible roots I had as I didnt get my hair done for my wedding till my son was 6 months old.* I really envy the fact that technology is changing and that we can still be pretty despite being a mother to be or a mum. But as its organic thus theres not many colours available yet but I am sure in time to come there will be more and more colours that will be available.

ODS2 Technology is a breakthrough oil based delivery system that maximizes the effectiveness of the colouration system and helps respect the natural protective outer layer of the hair.
J7Image pride themselves by using as many organic hair products as they could just so that we vain people would be able to beautify our hair and not damage it without frequent chemical usage to our hair. Thus its a plus point that everytime you get your hair done at the salon they use only organic shampoo & conditioner for the washes (which I totally agree in as I am also using products that is beneficial towards our customers.)
Before I left, it was just a 4 steps treatment that needed to be done to my hair.
1.They added the oil treatment into theactive masque which was then applied to my head.
2.After washing my hair they added the restructurant leave in treatment and blow dry my hair.
3.Before James style my hair he added the pH re-balancer to equalises the poresity of my hair.

For more knowledge or information on how the treatment is done you can view it at Kitoko youtube
The end product of a 5 hours work. (+1 hour as we were busy getting my son to cut his hair) Totally in love with my hair ends now! And everyone that saw my hair be it customer or my colleagues were raving how pretty the blue black ends were. OK, I know its suppose to be the whole 2 colours that made it this pretty but the blue black has been something I would want to do but didnt dare as bleaching is required and am sooo afraid of getting my ends damage but now I can stop worrying and play with colours on my hair.
After washing my hair, my hair is still not damage from the bleaching/dying. and notice how the colour blended perfectly?  *my hair is frizzy by nature thus sorry for not straightening my hair before I took this picture, wanted to show readers how good the hair dye is. And pardon my bare face, after being a mum I dont have much time to actually make up before leaving the house and choosing between sleeping in the extra 15-30mins or making up I choose sleeping in.

To have the same set of coloured hair would cost you $257 including bleaching and I can really swear that their bleaching is the best I gotten soo far! How can it be I bleach it but yet its smoother than the non-bleach area. For the organic treatment using Kitoko products that I did would cost $187.
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