Taipei Part 1

 As promised, my taipei trip post before my next trip in Oct. Basically, I was on a food rampage. Throughout our trip we were eating, eating and only eating. If you are feeling hungry now, you might want to exit or browse my next blog post. :p
We had to wake up at 4am to prepare cos our flight was at 7am thus the just wake up look/tired look.
No pics of us in the hotel cos we were too excited to get out and not waste anymore time. 1st thing we got was our "ez link" card so as to save on transport. And yes, its the 1st time I took public transport throughout my trip!(only cabbed twice for clubbing and a night from walkin too much) Super happy to be back in Taipei, the last time I was there I didnt exactly explore taipei. Told the husband we have to make good use of our time and try to eat as much as we could.
Went to RouHe Night Market and I cant stop but to get some cute little dim sum. It wasnt fantastic(imo) but the outlook is simply irresistible.
Cute rabbit cha sao bao
Was telling the husband that I want to try the Aiyu Jelly when I reach Taipei cos I saw how those taiwanese host always protray the super delicious look when introducing AIYU Jelly. And yes, its that nice. Sweet yet a lil sour to tingle your tastebuds, do try it when you are there.
Day 2 started with some selfies, and I forgot to take picture of our hotel room. It was pretty small but it was pretty near XMD which was good enough.
Randomly pop into a cafe along the road for breakfast before heading to LeoFoo Village. Worst decision made for the whole trip. I loove amusement park but this park is worst than our Escape Theme Park. Thats how bad I thought it was. And it cost us about $60SGD (Inculding transport), there were not much exciting rides pretty boring to be exact and everything is rather expensive there! So, if you are amusement park lover like me,dont even bother making a trip there.
Took some pics of the park entrance and a couple of pic on the animals and thats it cos it was rather disappointing.
Our night ended with us touring around Shilin Night Market for food. And we were pretty hungry thus we didnt take much pictures. But I just had to take a pic of the following! Waffle Penis!! I saw this on FB before but wasnt exactly searching for it. So, while walking around some alley I manage to find this store. Theres alot more flavours available, the strawberry flavour looks super yummy but my love for chocolate wont die. hehe^^ With this, I shall end my post on Part 1. (:

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